AKG D 200 E


Type Dynamic
Polar pattern Cardioid
Diaphragm Small



Incorporating the patented AKG two-way transducer system, the D 200 E provides unusually smooth, wide-range frequency response coupled with an extraordinarily uniform cardioid pattern. The result is a microphone free of off-axis coloration and feedback tendencies at virtually any frequency. The D 200 E is a superb, objective recording microphone. Stereo tapes made with a pair of these microphones are distinguished by faithful reproduction—both on and off axis—and by outstanding stereo separation.

In public address systems, the D 200 E’s uniform directivity permits tighter control of feedback, offers almost complete freedom of microphone and speaker placement, and allows higher volume settings. For micing acoustical string instruments such as the violin, piano, guitar, etc., the D 200 E is unsurpassed by any single-transducer cardioid dynamic microphone.

  • Transducer Type: Dynamic, two-way
  • Directional Characteristic: Cardioid
  • Impedance: 230 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 30 to 17,000 hertz
  • Sensitivity: 0.14 mv/μbar (–77 dBv)
  • Finish: Enameled aluminum
  • Overall Dimensions: 7.3125" long x 1.5625" diameter
  • Net Weight: 8.5 ounces